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Asheville NC,

December 5-7th 2023


Asheville NC,

December 5-7th 2023

The Synergistic Future of the Pet Dog Industry

Join us for the dog world’s most unforgettable event of the year!

Every conference boasts about its great speaker line up.

Well, we can boast about that too…

(because our speaker line up IS pretty spectacular.)

But why stop there, when we’re also proudly bringing you:

A venue that’s picturesque and fun

Food (and snacks!) that you’ll actually look forward to eating

Access to fresh air during breaks…in a scenic park

A stay in the coolest hotel we could find

Extracurricular social events that you won’t forget

Up to 21 CCPDT CEU's and 18 IAABC CEU's

Just because it’s a conference doesn’t mean it should be stodgy.

We’re all about breaking past the status quo in the pet industry!

And L.E.G.S in Motion 2023 will be like no conference you’ve attended before.

(If you can’t join the party in Asheville this year - don’t worry; you can still attend virtually!)

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Plan to Stay Longer and join us for:

Dog-Friendly Friday Fun Day

The Resilience Rainbow Workshop

Our Keynote Presentation

Dr Kathy Murphy


Bobbie Bhambree, CDBC CPDT-KA

"Resilient L.E.G.S."

Resilience relies on both effective responses to environmental change and resistance to the negative effects of stress. Therefore, a thorough understanding of the factors which influence these mechanisms is fundamental to raising and living with our pet dogs and other companion animals. This presentation will explore ways that the concept of resilience and the L.E.G.S. model intersect.

Meet Our 2023 Presenters

They're all certified Family Dog Mediators, and they all join us in bringing revolutionary new ideas to our industry.

Daniel Shaw, GMBPsS, CDBC

"Applying Neuroethology to Create a LEGS-Based Framework for Resource Guarding"

Session Description

Interventions of resource guarding have typically been based around reinforcing the dog for not guarding a particular resource. In this session Daniel will introduce a new way of thinking about resource guarding behaviour that harnesses an understanding of the neural circuitry at play, allowing for a more comprehensive approach to treating the issue focusing on altering perceived resource value, improving attachment security, and reducing threat circuitry activation.


Daniel Shaw BSc (Hons), GMBPsS, CDBC is the owner of Animal Behaviour Kent. Daniel has a successful history of supporting dogs and cats with behavior problems, and has a special interest in the effects of trauma on animals and frustration in dogs. Daniel’s new flagship course, Trauma Informed Pet Professionals, hosted on his online learning platform, explores the neurobiology of trauma and presents cutting edge techniques for helping dogs that have experienced trauma. Daniel is a degree-qualified psychologist, a certified dog behavior consultant with the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants (IAABC), and is currently obtaining a master’s degree in neuroscience.

Dr. Colleen Quinn, DVM LFDM-V

"L.E.G.S. in the Veterinary Profession"

Session Description

While our pets are struggling more with the stresses of daily life, we in the veterinary field are often overwhelmed with the volume of pets needing to be seen, being understaffed, and the difficulty of handling these increasingly anxious and aggressive patients in a timely, safe, and humane manner. We have great educational tools such as Fear Free and Low Stress Handling to help make veterinary visits much more pleasant but what LEGS can bring to the veterinary community is understanding WHY our patients are struggling so much in our modern world. With all we are learning about the connections between behavior and medical concerns, such as pain and GI issues, understanding LEGS can help the general practitioner become better with diagnostic skills. And knowing more about the WHY behind a patient’s behaviors will also allow the veterinary professional to provide more compassionate care. In this session we will discuss how LEGS can be incorporated into a veterinary practice, some tips on how to approach clinics with the ideas, and finally my personal model for a Veterinary Practice that centers completely around LEGS and caring for the fearful/anxious pet.


Dr. Colleen Quinn, DVM L-FDM held a dream of being a veterinarian since second grade, beginning with a little beagle mix named Peanuts, and she never wavered. Despite being crushed in 3rd grade with a “C” in handwriting, sure she would never be accepted into a veterinary school with such an awful grade, she graduated from Purdue University in 1991. She practiced for 31 years. Recently, she opened a training and behavior business, Pet Pals Country Club, and has plans to open the first practice geared completely towards serving the day-to-day needs of pets with anxiety, as well as providing behavior consulting, and connecting the medical and behavioral aspects of pet health. She has earned her Karen Pryor Certified Training Partner Certificate, Fear Free Elite and Low Stress Handling Certificate, and is a Family Paws Educator, and a Licensed Family Dog Mediator. Outside of work she loves spending time with her family, especially her grandson, as well as relaxing at the lake, boating, reading, and cheering on the Boilermakers at sporting events.

Carolyn Kelly, MSN RN

"L.E.G.S. Model as a Framework for Centering Wefare in Companion Dog breeding"

Session Description

LEGS Model as a Framework for Centering Welfare in Companion Dog Breeding:  In this session we will explore the challenges and opportunities involved in breeding dogs specifically for the modern family dog seeking public. What does it mean to breed dogs for "pet" temperament? Can breeders learn from traditional methods while also embracing the best that current science has to offer to create dogs fit for the function of family pet?


Carolyn Kelly, MSN RN is a lifelong student of both animal and human behavior. Her mission is to improve the welfare of modern pet dogs by helping breeders for the pet market do a better job of humanely producing puppies whose key fits the lock of modern life through the Companion Dog Project. She believes the best thing for the future of pet dogs is to continue to breed them selectively, but to do so with greater respect for their mental health. Carolyn holds a Master of Science in Nursing, Leadership, and Management, is the founder of the Companion Dog Project, is a Board Member on the Bearded Retriever Club of America, is a founding member of the Co-Pilot Breeding Cooperative, of the Functional Dog Collaborative, and owns Old Mission Retrievers.

Kapil Patwardhan
"Impact of Free-Living Dogs on Indian Society"

Session Description

Impact of Free-Living Dogs on Indian Society: This talk will cover an overview of free living dogs in India; the on-the-ground realities; measures we take to reduce human-dog conflict; measures we take to reduce human-human conflict with respect to dogs. Living in a country with great diversity, it is a fascinating journey to see them through the LEGS scope.


Kapil Patwardhan, from Pune, India, is a graduate of the Nordic International Dog Trainer School. His life revolves around free living dogs in his city. Around 2013, he started helping a local animal NGO organize adoption camps for puppies and kittens in the community. Over the years, with the help of his family, he’s fostered over 500 motherless puppies whose streetie mom passed away due to human conflict, accidents and illness. Every single dog has left a mark on his soul and has taught him a great deal. Besides consulting with families, Kapil spends his time teaching children, college students and regular citizens on how to coexist with street dogs. He also does standup comedy, which helps him stay sane and also keeps his dog presentations light and hearty.

Wendy Lyons Sunshine, MA, LFDM-L

"How Evidence-Based Interventions for At-Risk Children Align with the L.E.G.S. Model"

Session Description

How Evidence-Based Interventions for At-Risk Children Align with the LEGS Model:  The session will compare child and dog development needs, the neurological implicationsof secure attachment and sensory integration, how wellness emerges through a synergyof factors, and the potential of therapeutic approaches that feature felt safety, sociallearning, self-regulation, nutritional and biological elements. We’ll look at how standarddog training jargon translates into parenting language, and consider two vectors(responsiveness and demandingness) that yield 4 parenting styles, and how theyconverge into an optimal parenting style that aligns with optimal LEGS-based dogwellness. 


Wendy Lyons Sunshine, MA L-FDM is an award-winning journalist who writes about the human-dog connection for and has co-authored two parenting books, including The Connected Child: Bring Hope and Healing to Your Adoptive Family, a bestseller that has been translated into multiple languages and is recommended by child welfare agencies and adoption agencies. Her new book, Tender Paws: How Science-Based Parenting Can Transform Our Relationship with Dogs, will be published in 2024 by HCI Books. Wendy’s journey with shelter dogs and interest in animal welfare led her to the LEGS community. Growing up, Wendy read voraciously about dogs and horses and considered becoming a vet, until a high school biology class that required fetal pig dissection persuaded her otherwise.

Angie Cook, CDBC, LFDM-S

"Working with Rescue and Shelter Dogs' L.E.G.S."

Session Description

Working with Rescue and Shelter Dogs’ L.E.G.S.: Most anyone working with dogs these days is sure to have some adopted from rescue in their caseload. While all dogs come with their own unique L.E.G.S. the ones that wind up in a shelter or rescue can come to their new home with their L.E.G.S. affected or inextricably altered. Working with these dogs through the L.E.G.S. framework can help the new family develop a deeper understanding of what their new companion may be experiencing, why they may be exhibiting certain behaviors and how to support them through this transition. Learn the many factors we want to consider when working with these dogs and effective ways to bring understanding for all members of the family.


Angie Cook, CDBC L-FDM remarkable leadership and communication skills have defined an extensive, successful career working with dogs and families in both sheltering and behavior consulting. She has worked closely with The Dog Door for over a decade, as an invaluable partner committed to the evolution of standards and practices in canine welfare and behavior.

Deb Bauer, LFDM-W, LFDM-T

"Damaged But Not Broken: The L.E.G.S. of Deaf & Blind Dogs"

Session Description

Damaged but Not Broken: the LEGS of Deaf & Blind Dogs:  It’s critcal to look at how we cansupport blind deaf dogs to live their best quality of life. In this presentation, you’ll learn how to set up the environment for safety, to encourage resilience, and to meet a dog’s species, breed, and individual needs. Learning is important for all dogs and must be approached a bit differently for dogs who are blind and deaf. We’ll talk about communication and using the dog’s remaining senses to give as much information as possible. We’ll even bust some myths along the way!


Deb Bauer L-FDM is a leading expert in the niche of blind and deaf dogs. She first discovered the issue of homozygous merle breeding practices over 30 years ago and fell in love with her first blind and deaf dog. Deb is the author of Through A Dark Silence: Loving and Living With Your Blind and Deaf Dog, and writes a blog supporting people who live with and work with blind and/or deaf dogs. Deb is a holistic-minded canine behavior and wellbeing specialist, a licensed Family Dog Mediator in the working and training divisions, and holds certifications in a variety ofmodalities. These include Karen Pryor Academy-Certified Training Partner, Healing Touch forAnimals, and Tellington TTouch Method. Deb’s business Your Inner Dog provides in-person and virtual sessions world-wide. She is the creator of The Sense-Ability© Method for working with blind dogs. Deb lives with three amazing canines – a Pyrenean Shepherd, a blind deaf Rough Collie, and a blind deaf mixed breed puppy.


"Senior Dogs L.E.G.S."

Session Description

Senior Dog LEGS:  All too often we focus on the early and adulthood LEGS dogs have, but with the increase in dogs being acquired, we will soon face many humans unprepared for the end of their pets life. I’ll Discuss how the LEGS of dogs changes as they age and become more infirm or sick. How certain disease or age related issues can affect dogs and what type of changes  may need to be made. Finally, I will touch on how I apply LEGS to hospice cases also anddetermining quality of life.


Helen St. Pierre, CPDT-KSA CDBC OSCT L-FDM has been training for 21 years and has 3 facilities in Concord NH. She is also a licensed Dogs and Storks presenter and has been featured internationally for her work with senior dogs and dogs and children. On top of running her business, Helen also founded Old Dogs Go to Helen, a 501c3 focusing on senior and hospice dog rescue and sanctuary.

John Imler, CPT, LFDM-T, LFDM-W

"Working L.E.G.S.: seeing Every Dog as a Breed and Unraveling their Puzzle"

Session Description

Working LEGS:  Seeing Every Dog as a Breed and Unraveling their Puzzle:  The canine species has been developed over the past 20,000 years for various working roles. Even the most sedentary and stoic dogs have a role to play that is supported by their LEGS.Seeing every dog as a working dog and solving their unique puzzle to create a specificrole for them in our clients lives not only provides “purpose” for the dog but educatesthe owner into more of a stewardship role and allows them to step up for their dog.This presentation will show the LEGS model in a more proactive way to develop andprepare dogs for various roles by identifying a set of foundation behaviors and thenfinding common denominators among various dog sports and incorporating them tobuild an individual “job” for each dog.


John Imler, CPT L-FDM With background spanning service in the military and in law enforcement along with a decade at a Fortune 500 company, in 2014 John turned a lifelong passion of working with dogs into a career focusing on helping dogs reach their potential and humans truly appreciate the dogs they live with. He also operates the Pro Dog Trainer Mindset.  Through this platform he helps professionals work… play… & grow by providing coaching services drawing from over 30 years of experience. He is a Licensed Family Dog Mediator in both the Training and Working Division and currently leads the Working Division. John is an Ambassador and Professional Member of the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP), was named Member of the Year in 2020 and served on the Board of Directors.  He lives outside of Louisville, Kentucky with his family and an array of animals.

Kathy Callahan, CPDT-KA

"The Cutest L.E.G.S. of All: Puppies"

Session Description

The Cutest (and most surprisingly challenging!) Legs of All: Puppies:  Too often in today’s society, puppies are misunderstood and their humans are frustrated. Using the clarifying lens of L.E.G.S, how can we make puppyhood a better experience for them both?  The answer lies in the crucial concept of empathy: Empathy for the human gets us the ear. Empathy for the puppy is the transformative message.


Kathy Callahan, CPDT-KA is the owner of PupStart, a monthly writer for Whole Dog Journal, author of 101 Rescue Puppies, and host of “Pick of the Litter” podcast.

Kelsey Weber, ABCDT, CPDT-KA, LFDM-T
"Family Animal Mediation: Expanding the F.D.M. Approach for Every Animal in the F.A.M."

Session Description

This discussion will use the work of Temple Grandin, Ray Coppinger, and of course, Kim Brophey, to provide a breakdown of quick questions to ask oneself when prioritizing the welfare of any species in human care. We will celebrate the individuality of each and every animal, while emphasizing how we are all so incredibly similar. As an hobby farm owner, caring for 15 animals of various species, I've found that by highlighting basic needs from the self-care model, as well as the three main categories of behavior (FORAGE, HAZARD/AVOIDANCE, REPRODUCTION/SOCIAL), we can simplify how we successfully manage each animal's individual LEGS.


Kelsey Weber, ABCDT CPDT-KA L-FDM has been passionate about animal training since she was a young child, growing up around horses, dogs, and our numerous other pets. She started training horses professionally and raising puppies for Guide dogs for the Blind when she was a teenager, and she knew then that this was the career path for her! For the last two decades she’s been helping dog owners not only train their dogs, but better understand and enjoy them. In her business, Pawsitively Trained, LLC, her focus is on addressing the emotional wellness of both the pets and people in the household, through easy to implement strategies that are catered to both the modern family and modern dog dynamic.

Laura Gendron, CPDT-KA, FFCP, LFDM-T

"Cooperation Beyond Consent"

Session Description

Cooperation Beyond Consent:  When it comes to taking our dog to the vet, LEGS are at play in all parts of the system: in the pet, in the pet parent, and the pet professional. Not only are the pets themselves feeling anxious about being at the vet’s office, due to their past experiencesand big feelings about restraint, novelty, over-handling, and past trauma, but the petparents and the pet professionals are also bringing their LEGS to the table. During this presentation, I’ll be looking at untangling some of those LEGS considerations to find a way forward that builds trust and resilience in all parts of the Pet-Parent-Pro team.


Laura Gendron, CPDT-KA FFCP L-FDM believes in positive, playful, and trust-based training and getting to know every dog-family team individually, often collaborating with a pet-care team. Having worked in a veterinary hospital for 10 years, Laura also has a strong passion for teaching pet parents and professionals how to use lower-stress techniques in handling and vet care. As a mom of two children, one dog, and two birds, Laura feels strongly about helping dog parents learn how to raise their dogs much like mothering children, using play, good management, and predictable patterns. Laura currently offers private virtual and in-home training and coaching, online courses, and a membership for dog parents working with their dogs at home. She is the owner of Miss Behavior in Northwood, NH, founded in 2008.

Marlene O'Neille Laberge, MSW, LFDM-H

"It's Not You, It's Me: The L.E.G.S. of Humans"

Session Description

It's not you, it's me: The LEGS of Humans:  Take a deep dive into human wellness to discover how our attachment history, personal and work environments, epigenetic inheritance, and individual self-factors overlap to influence our relationships with all social animals. Gain tools for self-reflection and learn a new way to support clients struggling in complex situations.


Marlene O'Neill Laberge, MSW L-FDM is an accomplished Child and Family Therapist with over 20 years of experience specializing in trauma and attachment disruptions in parent-child relationships. She is a Certified Circle of Security Parenting Facilitator, a Certified Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, and a Licensed Family Dog Mediator.  In 2019, she began fostering and subsequently adopted Cooper, the catalyst for her journey into the professional dog world.  When Cooper began to struggle with sensitivity to noises, novel experiences and strangers, Marlene found herself searching for new perspectives in the field of dog training and subsequently became fascinated by the impact of caregiving for challenging dogs on the humans who love them.  She offers two courses focused on human wellness, Stronger Together, a series for dog professionals and Me First! a series for caregivers living and working with complex companion animals.

Sarah Dixon, CDBC, LFDM

"Kick Ass Group Classes with L.E.G.S."

Session Description

Kick Ass Group Classes with LEGS!:  Group classes can be a great way to meet client demand at an affordable rate for clients, and you can actually have a higher income per hour with group sessions too. Group programs traditionally focus on skills-based training, but I'll help you learn how you can use group classes to teach your puppy, pet manners and behavior modification students how to learn about and embrace their dog's L.E.G.S.!


Sarah Dixon, CDBC L-FDM has been in the training and behaviour industry for over 20 years. Sarah holds many respected certifications including: Certified Family Dog Mediator, Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant (IAABC), Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner, Certified Trick Dog Instructor, and Certificate of Canine Behaviour Science and Technology (CASI). She is a publish author in dog training publications such as the IAABC Journal, the APDT Chronicle of the Dog, Better Together: An Anthology of Modern Dog Trainers,, and the IACP Safe Hands Journal. She gives seminars and speaks at conferences throughout North America and regularly offers webinars through platforms like Raising Canine and Consider the Dog.

Sonia Fetherling, LFDM-T

"Are You Feline It?"

Session Description

Are You Feline It?:  Cats are definitely not dogs, so their LEGS are quite different to their canid friends (or foes..). Although they are a ‘domesticated’ species, they do have strong G’s (genetics) that allow them to be seemingly more independent and capable than most other domesticated species (do they really need us...or do we need them more?). I’d like to examine our feline friends through the lens of L.E.G.S., identifying what we can do as caretakers of our cats (there are approximately 45.3 million in our homes in the US), and also what we can do as behavior consultants to support clients (even though many dog trainers don’t work with cats, there can still be problematic cat/dog relationships in their clients households).


Sonia Fetherling, L-FDM is Chicago's premier dog behavior specialist and owner of Best of Behavior. Her expertise in tackling aggression, fear, trauma, and separation anxiety makes her the go-to professional for diverse clientele seeking tailored solutions. Offering in-home training, day sessions, Puppy Start Right classes, and cat behavior consults, Sonia takes a holistic approach to transforming the lives of pets and their owners. Her journey began in 2000 when she adopted Ellie-Mae, marking the start of her journey with various breeds and activities like agility and tracking. Sonia's passion led her to continuously expand her knowledge through reading, accreditations, and attending seminars, workshops, and expos – most recently earning LFDM certification after completing the LEGS Applied Ethology Family Dog Mediation Course at Wolf Park, guided by renowned expert Kim Brophey.

Tiffany Baker, CBCC-KA, CCUI, LFDM-T

"Home is Where the Dogs Are: L.E.G.S. and Environmental Impacts & Expectations"

Session Description

Home is Where the Dogs Are: LEGS and Environmental Impacts & Expectations:  Our dogs aren’t given a choice about where they want to live. We choose the dogs we want, whether they like it or not, and then expect them to live in and thrive in our environment. A herding dog made to live in an apartment, kenneled 8 hours a day, leashed for every walk develops frustration based leash reactivity and is destructive...a terrier is adopted into a home with a resident cat and shows aggressive tendencies towards their feline housemate...a streetie is captured in the name of rescue and placed in a house and is “shut down”... “feral”...Consider that while our dogs don’t have a choice in deciding the home they’d like to live in, we do. Each dog’s learning  history, genetics, and self shape the capabilities they have to be successful in our homes. The responsibility then falls on us to choose our dogs thoughtfully and support them in the environment we chose for them.


Tiffany Baker, CBCC-KA CCUI L-FDM is the founder and owner of Boss Babe Dog Training, LLC. She has been professionally working with dogs and canine behavioral modification for over 10 years. Tiffany specializes in aggression as well as families with children and dogs. She is extremely talented in her ability to not only effectively modify behaviors in dogs but also provide tremendous support, compassion and guidance to pet guardians. She advocates for a positive reinforcement, science based training style as a way to create an enhanced understanding within the canine human relationship. With each dog and handler team Tiffany has the pleasure of working with, her dedication and drive to continue learning and developing her skills in the animal behavior field grows.

Find Your People, Learn from Your Peers

We're preparing an intimate in person experience and a virtual home experience so you can watch with your pups.

Lunchtime 2023 Panel Discussions

We just don't know when to stop, do we?

The Human Side of Family Dog Mediation

L.E.G.S. for our Relationships with Other Species

The L.E.G.S. of Shelter & Rescue Dogs

Welcome to Asheville, NC:  

“Dog City, USA”

Set in the height of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville is a sought-out destination for outdoor recreation, farm-to-table food, beautiful scenery, and a vibrant cultural scene. 

Not only that, but Asheville is so dog-friendly it’s known as “Dog City USA” (Kim trademarked it as that!). In fact, it’s the only city to have a welcome center for dogs - INSIDE Kim’s behavior center downtown, The Dog Door. Your canine companion will have a great time here, too, so feel free to bring them along for the ride*! 

(*Note: Companion dogs cannot attend the conference itself due to space restrictions, but our hotel is dog-friendly.)

Come early or stay late to enjoy, and bring friends or family! There will be plenty for them to do while you’re at the conference.

The Aloft Hotel

Don’t you hate it when you commit to spending three days at a conference…

That’s going to fill your brain with tons of exciting new knowledge,

And all you want to do after each action-packed day is rest and recharge…

But you find yourself stuck in a stuffy, stodgy hotel?

Yeah, we hate that too.

So we picked the coolest, most comfortable hotel we could find.

Join us at the Aloft Asheville Downtown
For an entirely unique stay
Guaranteed to help you unwind.

Aloft is a pleasant 5-mins walk to the conference venue.
Mention us when you reserve to get our discounted rate of $169/night.

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The Venue: Asheville's Century Room

A Charming & Elegant Turn-of-the-Century Ballroom

And if you find yourself craving a bit of fresh air during the breaks,

Or want to take your lunch outside

You’re mere steps away from Pack Square Park.

Speaking of cravings - Have we mentioned that we’re fans of good food?

We’re bringing you a restaurant-quality catered lunch every day…Breakfast every morning…And truly filling snacks, twice a day…Plus all the tea, coffee, soda, and even locally-crafted beverages you can drink.

Yeah, we don’t play around when it comes to food. 

A cutting-edge educational experience deserves better than a stuffy hotel conference room.

And who can dive deep and learn when you’re subsisting on bland food that leaves you hungry?

We can do so much better than that. 

Our Social Outings & Events

Let’s be honest.

Half the reason we go to conferences is to hang-out with cool, like-minded people.

Otherwise, we could just watch the presentations online.

Get to know your colleagues, make new friends, and collect inside jokes you’ll still be telling years from now.

We’ve got a social calendar to make that happen!

We’re starting off the event with a bang by inviting all participants to our kick-off party.

From there, you’ll pick an event to join to round out the rest of the week.

And, there will be fun, structured networking opportunities on alternate nights.


cocktail party at Dalton Distillery

Join us as we kick off the event with some truly amazing cocktails (or mocktails!).

We’ve rented out a local distillery to provide you with a conference cocktail that will be far from mundane.

Getting locked in a room with a bunch of animal-obsessed folks ould be a dicey experience…

Or it might just turn out to be a conference highlight!

We’ve rented 8 Breakout Asheville Escape Rooms. We’ll lock you up and, working with your team, you’ll race against the clock to solve puzzles and win back your freedom!


I believe we’ve established that this is not your ordinary conference.

Just in case there was any remaining doubt…The events we have planned for you on Thursday should remove it.

option 1:

lazoom comedy tour

Climb on board a funky purple BYOB party bus…along with a live band and comedian host… and take a tour of some of Asheville’s best breweries.

It will be a one-of-a-kind trip, we promise.

option 2:

Amazing Pubcycle Cycle Bar

Tour Downtown Asheville via a truly one-of-a-kind mode of transport…A human-powered, (motor-assisted) 15-person, private party bike! You’ll be able to purchase pub beverages during this trip. Don't worry no exercise required.

You have to see this one to believe it. Up for the adventure?

Friday Dog-Friendly Fun Day

Bringing Fido? 

Or just want to share the day with your colleagues’ four-legged travel buddies?We have a BONUS day planned just for you.

Add-on our optional dog-friendly adventure and social day to extend the fun!

Bringing your four-legged best friend to the L.E.G.S. in Motion Conference?

Join us for a tail-wagging day of fun after the conference! (Email: info@legsinmotionconference dot com to register)

Here’s What We Will Do:

Outdoor Adventure

Start the day off right with a leisurely stroll through the breathtaking grounds of the Biltmore Estate. Breathe in the fresh air, explore stunning gardens and grounds, take in the stunning mountain vistas, and soak in the history.

Biltmore’s 8,000 acres are comprised of six formal and informal gardens, a Conservatory, and nature trails connecting them to the French Broad River, the estate’s Deer Park, Lagoon, Farmyard, and woodlands. Renowned landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted designed the estate to offer four seasons of beauty more than a century ago. Today, Biltmore’s talented team of horticulturists ensures his vision lives on.

Dog-Friendly Lunch

After an invigorating walk, it's time to refuel! We're arranging a dog-friendly lunch at a location where your four-legged pals are more than welcome. Treat yourself to a meal and a drink while your furry friend enjoys some well-deserved rest.

Choose Your Own Adventure

We expect lunch to take us through the early afternoon. After that, there are more options for ways to spend a relaxing day with your furry friend! Our team will be at your service to recommend unique dog-friendly activities and attractions in the area. From pet-friendly parks to charming cafes, we'll ensure your day continues to be filled with fun and adventure. Create lasting memories with your loyal companion.

"Cocktails with Monk" Fundraiser

Get your raffle ticket to be one of 15 lucky people invited to join Kim (and Monk!) at Kim’s house on Friday evening…And enjoy cocktails (or mocktails) invented by Kim herself expressly for the event - And named after her dogs, of course! Plus, you’ll get to meet her whole four-legged crew.

Proceeds will benefit INDIAN STREET DOGS

The Synergistic Future of the Pet Dog Industry

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The ‘Golden Ticket’:  Resilience Rainbow Bundle

You’ve come all this way.

Might as well get two events out of one trip, right?

Take a deep-dive into the science of building resilience with Behavior Vets’ Kathy Murphy and Bobbie Bhambree. This event will be held at nearby Christchurch Conference Center in Black Mountain, a short and beautiful drive away. You can even arrange to keep your hotel room through both events!

This workshop will take place on Saturday and Sunday December 9 &10, following the L.E.G.S. in Motion Conference.

We are ALSO offering a VIRTUAL Golden Ticket Bundle! You’ll save $50 when you purchase virtual tickets to both events. You’ll be able to livestream the L.E.G.S. Conference and access the recordings for a year, and instructions to access your Resilience Rainbow recording will be sent shortly before the event.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the conference?

December 5-7. Each day will be a full day from approximately 8:00-6:00. The exact schedule will be released soon. The conference will be held at Asheville’s Century Room,a charming and elegant turn-of-the-century ballroom.

Where should I stay?

The conference is hosted in Asheville, NC.

We do have a discounted block of hotel rooms available; however, rooms are very limited. If you want to claim a room in our block, please email and let us know how many rooms you need. We will send instructions to claim your room, pending availability.

Please Note: ALL rooms in the discounted block MUST be claimed by November 1 in order to receive the discount. After that, you will need to book your room through the hotel’s regular booking system, and the hotel will no longer offer us a discount of any type.

Discounted rooms are available Monday, December 4 - Thursday night, December 7.

Aloft Asheville Downtown

51 Biltmore Ave,

Asheville, NC 28801

Phone: (828) 232-2838, dial extension 0 for correct service

Will you feed me?

YES! We love food and we promise we picked really good food for the conference. There will be breakfast, lunch, snacks and beverages provided every day. The cost of food is included in your ticket price.

 Are CEUs available?

CCPDT has approved 21 CEUs for the event; IAABC CEUs are pending currently. We'll update when we have the number that are approved.

Is the conference dog friendly?

The hotel is dog friendly, but due to space restrictions, companion dogs are not permitted at the conference venue. Your legitimate service dogs are more than welcome to attend the conference! If you bring a furry friend, we do have a dog friendly social event planned on Friday!

What is the Golden Ticket Bundle?

The ‘Golden Ticket’: Resilience Rainbow BundleYou’ve come all this way. Might as well get two events out of one trip, right? Take a deep-dive into the science of building resilience with Behavior Vets’ Kathy Murphy and Bobbie Bhambree. This event will be held at nearby Christchurch Conference Center in Black Mountain, a short and beautiful drive away. There are affordable hotel options available in Black Mountain. Reach out for more info.

This workshop will take place on Saturday and Sunday December 9 &10, following the L.E.G.S. in Motion Conference. Buy tickets to both events at the same time and save $100!

Is there a hotel option if I want to do both the L.E.G.S. Conference and Resilience Rainbow?

Yes! There are affordable hotel options available in Black Mountain. 

There is a small block of rooms being held at the Hampton Inn, Black Mountain. The rate is  $129 + tax per night. The rate is valid until the cutoff date of November 30, 2023, or until the room block sells out. To book, please call the hotel at 828-669-1000, select 0 for the operator, and mention “Resilience Rainbow Tour” as the group to take advantage of the discounted rate. The rates are available December 4-11, 2023.

The workshop will be held at Christmount Retreat, Camp, and Conference Center. There are rooms available in the retreat center. The rate is  $75 and up + tax per night. To book, please call the hotel at 828-669-8977. The lowest rates are available until that room type sells out.

The ticket link takes me to Zoom, is this correct?

Yes! Zoom is the ticket sales platform we are using. It may ask you to sign in- this is supposed to happen.

 Does my virtual ticket come with a recording?

Yes! There will be a recording of the conference with your virtual ticket purchase once zoom processes the video. You will have access to this recording for 1 year.

What if I live in an unsupported country, and Zoom won't let me register for the event?

Use a VPN or other form of proxy to change your IP address to the United States; that should allow you to register and to attend. It sounds techy, but it's really easy - we promise. Here is a simple guide we made to walk you through:

I have a question that isn’t answered here!

Please email with any further questions. We are happy to help!

While You Wait Sessions from our 2022 Conference

If you are curious as to what the sessions will be like. You can check out our Deep Dive Expert Sessions at our Family Dog Mediation Education Center